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sample daily schedule
sample daily schedule

The Hopewell Day

At Hopewell, structured work, involvement in a community focused on healing, medication management and therapy give residents a sense of belonging and well-being they have never before experienced. Hopewell's approach to care creates a connection to the earth and each other, a dependable and safe daily structure and opportunities to experience success.

Residents are encouraged, but not required, to participate in daily activities. Schedules change each month, but the general structure remains essentially the same. Weekends are less structured and often include off-campus trips, including opportunities to attend local church services on Sunday.


07:30 AM


Staff and residents sit down for a healthy breakfast that could feature eggs from our own free-range chickens.

morning meeting

08:30 AM

Morning meeting

Morning meeting gives everyone the chance to learn about the day's activities, ask questions, resolve problems and meet new community members. Morning meetings end with songs from the Hopewell song book.


09:00 AM


The community gets moving through walking or light stretching.


09:30 AM

Work crews

From gardening to cooking to animal care, vocational opportunities at Hopewell help residents find strengths they didn't know they had, experience new roles, learn new skills, gain job readiness and build self-esteem.


12:00 PM


Everyone gathers for a nutritious midday meal.


01:00 PM


Depending on the day, residents choose from afternoon work crews, creative expressions, sports activities and more.

group sessions

03:00 PM

Group Sessions

This afternoon period is filled with cottage meetings and groups addressing topics like social skills, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), equine therapy, mood management and dual diagnosis.


05:30 PM


Vegetables from our garden, Hopewell-raised meat and homemade bread are typical evening fare.


06:00 PM

Recreation time, off campus trips

Residents relax in cottage living rooms, work on the computer, walk in the woods or participate in off-campus outings.

we rest

09:00 PM

Quiet time

We rest.

To provide an opportunity for adults with serious mental illness to experience a self-reliant and satisfying life through participation in a vibrant residential therapeutic community