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measuring our success

At Hopewell, every resident has an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that details their goals. ISPs are created collaboratively between residents and their clinicians. All staff members are aware of residents' goals and help them work toward achievement throughout the day, not just during a clinical session.

We believe that the results most Hopewell residents can expect from full participation in our program include:

  • Decreased psychiatric symptoms
  • Improved interpersonal and vocational skills
  • Improved level of functioning
  • Increased cognitive effectiveness
  • Increased occupational competency and preparation
  • Improved social competency and self confidence
  • Decreased emotional distress

We have been collecting data from our residents, their families and our staff since 2006. Using five measurement tools every three months, we gather information on current residents and those who have left Hopewell.

A recent look at one of our measurement tools – the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) score – demonstrated quantitative progress. The GAF is a 0-100 point scale that assesses an individual’s level of functioning. A higher score indicates improved functioning. It is widely used with people who have a serious mental illness. We have admission and discharge GAF scores for 55 residents in our bank of data.

The table below demonstrates that for these 55 people, GAF scores improved significantly during their stay at Hopewell.

  Number Admission GAF Discharge GAF
Female residents 17 44.29 50.94
Male residents 38 43.66 52.92
Total 55 43.44 52.31

To provide an opportunity for adults with serious mental illness to experience a self-reliant and satisfying life through participation in a vibrant residential therapeutic community